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8 décembre 2020-

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20 administrative départements in France change collector

Following the call for tender launched in 2020 by Aliapur for the renewal of its end-of-life tyre collection and transformation service providers, 20 of France’s administrative départements will change collector for the period 2021-2024: Ain, Allier, Ardennes, Corrèze, Doubs, Drôme, Gers, Jura, Loire, Lot, Manche, Marne, Haute-Marne, Morbihan, Rhône, Somme, Vendée, Yonne, Hauts-de-Seine and Val-D'Oise.

This change will be open and painless: car industry professionals will be automatically connected to their new collector via the extranet, Aliabase, the liaison tool that connects Aliapur to its subcontractors.

Similarly, for the garages and car centres that have automated collections and that have their own containers, the old and new collectors will coordinate to carry out the replacement. These exchanges will take place during December when collections are made.

Increase of 3.5% in the eco-tax

On 19 November, Aliapur’s Board of Directors voted an overall increase of 3.5% in the eco-tax for 2021. The tax for a passenger vehicle tyre will thus increase from €1.18 to €1.22, and the tax for a truck tyre from €8.60 € to €9. Taken together, these emblematic categories represent more than 85% of the volumes collected, but there is also evolution in the other types of tyre: scooter, moto, agricultural, civil engineering, and airplane.

This increase is the direct result of the end-of-life tyre collection and transformation call for tender. After a neutral period in 2016-2020, the cost of collection and shredding services is the subject of a controlled, stabilised increase over the 4 coming years (2021-2024). It should nevertheless be noted that the deferral of this increase in the eco-tax has been balanced by the increase in the value of recycled tyres, particularly those used for energy recovery.

Download the list of eco-tax rates for 2021