Quality and traceability:
two obsessions for Aliapur

6 mars 2020-

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This obsession is why, like every year since 2005,
the company SGS has renewed Aliapur’s Qualicert-Valorpneu service certification
for a 3-year period (2020-2022)


The SGS Qualicert-Valorpneu service certification is an indication of the high level of service provided by the tyre sector. The certification is attributed following audits of collectors and transformation sites, all of whom are obliged to respect the quality and traceability references specific to the profession.

Over the years, the two Qualicert-Valorpneu references – both of which are strict and evolving – have been adjusted so that they coincide with both the technical changes occurring in the sector, and the expectations of the profession. New control points have thus been added, focusing on the dematerialisation of traceability tools, security on sites and of the personnel who work there, and commitments in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR), such as implementation of a training programme or the presence of social areas.

To date, the "Collecte et préparation en vue de la réutilisation des pneumatiques usagés" reference (Collection and preparation with a view to the reuse of end-of-life tyres) thus covers 196 points that need to be audited, while the "Réception, préparation et/ou transformation de pneumatiques usagés en vue de leur valorisation" certification (Reception, preparation and/or transformation of end-of-life tyres with a view to their recycling) has 162 points. This may seem excessive, but it is thanks to these demanding requirements that recyclers from almost 20 countries, on three continents, agree that working with Aliapur and its service providers is a guarantee of peace-of-mind, allowing the eco-organisation to deliver 370,000 tonnes of tyres to them every year.