Confidentiality policy


Personal data management policy

ALIAPUR respects the legal and regulatory obligations concerning the processing of end-of-life tyres in France on behalf of its clients who put tyres on the market, in virtue of articles L541-10-8 and R543-137 and following of the French environmental code. ALIASTOCKS is owned 100% by ALIAPUR and guarantees in particular collections and the processing of end-of-life tyres in France for its car manufacturing clients, considered as producers, in virtue of article R543-158-1 of the French environmental code. It also guarantees collections of end-of-life tyres from outside the field of application of articles R543-137 and following.

In order to fulfil their respective missions for collecting and processing end-of-life tyres (collecting, transporting, transforming, recycling), ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS is called on to collect and process data of a personal nature under the conditions of the present policy (in conformity with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data).


Type of personal data collected by ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS

In the context of collection operations (particularly in virtue of articles R 543-143, R543-158-1 of the French environment code, and the decree of 15 December 2015 on the collection of end-of-life tyres), and the transformation and processing of end-of-life tyres, ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS is called on to collect certain data of a personal nature, and particularly the following identification data: surname, first name, address of place of work, professional e-mail, professional telephone, IP address. ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS only collects the data necessary for carrying out its environmental mission (in virtue of the regulation and contracts signed with the actors concerned).


Use of the data, finality, conservation time

It is necessary to process your data in respect of the legal obligations for processing tyre waste to which those who put tyre on the market/producers are subject, and for which ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS is responsible (collecting from car industry professionals, processing waste by specialised professionals (i.e. ICPE sites - facilities classified for environmental protection)). ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS uses this personal data to carry out its collection services in conformity with the legal texts (via specific computer applications such as PTV or an application for managing collection incidents), and ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS collection conditions, the execution of collection contracts, transformation, transport and/or recycling. This data is collected via an IT application that belongs to ALIAPUR (also used by ALIASTOCKS): ALIABASE®. Without this data, ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS would not be able to continue with the processing of end-of-life tyres, particularly collections. Furthermore, your data may be used to send you e-mails with the aim of:

  • Sending you information (notably in the form of newsletters) concerning ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS activities. These e-mails are not used under any circumstances for commercial prospection.
  • Sending you surveys for statistical purposes with the aim of improving the quality of our activity.

ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS may also use your information in order to respect its legal obligations (environmental laws: traceability, reporting etc.)

The data is conserved for as long as the collection, transformation, transport and/or recycling services last, without exceeding the legal time-limit.

Transmission to third parties:
The data is only shared with possible actors in the tyre waste processing chain (waste processing sites, public administrations, etc.), and this so as to satisfy our legal obligations and our contractual obligations regarding the processing of end-of-life tyres (those who put tyres on the market, producers, collectors, transformers, recyclers). In particular, the personal data of stockists/distributors are transmitted to the ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS collector responsible for collecting end-of-life tyres in the département concerned.

ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS may not transmit your data to third parties for commercial prospection purposes without prior agreement.


The particular case of cookies on our internet site

When you browse our web site or one of our applications (particularly ALIABASE®), information concerning your visit is liable to be recorded in the “cookie” folders installed on your computer or tablet or smart phone. The cookies used on the ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS web site are “technical” cookies used for statistical purposes regarding visits to our internet sites (data collected: number of connections per day, browsers used, actions carried out on the internet site and/or ALIABASE application). These cookies also make browsing easier and certain functions of the internet site or ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS application concerned.


Confidentiality, security

ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS implements all the means necessary to protect the personal data that it processes, both electronic and manual. ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS guarantees their security, protection and confidentiality via adapted measures (in particular of a technical nature) so as to prevent their loss, theft, or unauthorised use, disclosure or modification.


Your rights

You have the right to access, rectify or delete, and oppose the processing or portability of your data for all legitimate reasons. You can exercise your rights by sending us an e-mail to

In case of complaint for which ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS has not provided a response within a deadline of 45 days, you may turn to the French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL) responsible for respecting obligations in terms of personal data. The non provision of your data, or the deletion of all or part of that data, will necessarily result in difficulties for making collections or executing the legal obligations of the contracts for the collection, transformation, transportation, or recycling of end-of-life tyres. Such operations may even become impossible.

The present ALIAPUR/ALIASTOCKS personal data management policy may be required to evolve, particularly as a result of legislative and regulatory changes.