Rail filler block systems


The rails on which trams run must be isolated from their plinths by means of a filler block system so at to avoid the propagation of static electricity and the external transmission of vibratory waves. This reduces as much as possible the noise pollution that might otherwise be observed by local residents. The parts made from Technigom and the polyurethane binding agent make it possible to perfectly satisfy these significant technical constraints.

Products replaced: polymers obtained from petrochemicals.

Technical advantages

  • Material that corresponds perfectly to the complex specifications of the sites.
  • Long life corresponding to the life expectancy of a tram line.

Economic advantages

  • Competitive price in relation to the other solutions manufactured with polymers.
  • No maintenance necessary.

Health and environmental safety:

  • Reduced noise and vibratory pollution for local residents.
  • Harmlessness of the Technigom rubber in contact with the soil and rainwater.
  • Use of a local, sustainable material.

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