Athletics tracks


Technigom rubber granulate is currently used as the shock-absorbing underlay for athletics tracks, the cover surface of which is dyed in the mass (most often red or blue) and has above all aesthetic properties.

It is also possible to make the surface entirely from Technigom, thus satisfying the comfort and performance requirements sought. This surface stands out because of its black colour.

Products replaced: EPDM or polyurethane coatings (made from petroleum products)

Technical advantages

The advantages of a Technigom shock-absorbing underlay:

  • Through the track, energy is released with each stride, to the delight of athletes.
  • Sporting performances guaranteed.
  • Easy installation of the underlay: it is installed in exactly the same way as traditional surfaces.
  • Can receive FFA (the French athletics federation) accreditation.

Economic advantages

The economic advantages of a track containing Technigom are greater than those of a 100% EPDM or polyurethane (Tartan) track:

  • Technigom is an abundant, local raw material: there is limited transport, so the cost is low.
  • Technigom granulate is 5 times cheaper than standard solutions.

Health and environmental safety:

  • No environmental impact on the rainwater that flows over the surface.
  • Athletes are spared through Technigom’s shock-absorption capacities, whether it is used as the underlay alone, or as the underlay and surface (black tracks).

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