Sound barriers


Noise pollution caused by road traffic is of great concern to local residents, and thus municipalities, which are therefore always in search of truly effective solutions.

One of most eco-responsible solutions thus consists of constructing anti-noise barriers that combine Technigom rubber with concrete. The excellent filtration and sound wave absorption capacities of Technigom make it possible to produce constructions that are both solid and high-performance. They are typically installed along the length of dual carriageways.

Products replaced: there are many sound barrier solutions on the market. Concrete-Technigom walls stand out thanks to their design, which is based on recycled materials, but does not compromise on performance. In this case, Technigom can replace sawdust.

Technical advantages

  • Excellent sound-absorption.
  • Performances in conformity with noise standards.
  • Solid material.

Economic advantages

  • An abundant, cheap and local raw material.
  • Regular production and guaranteed supplies.
  • High life expectancy with no deterioration.

Health and environmental safety:

  • Protection of local residents against road traffic noise pollution.
  • Proven harmlessness

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