Compound plastic


In powder form, Technigom can be incorporated and associated perfectly with plastic raw materials, providing them with additional functions such as flexibility and shock-resistance in particular. This blend then becomes a new raw material in its own right, and can be used in plastics processing.

Using Technigom makes it possible to decrease the quantity of virgin plastic, which is made from more costly petroleum products. The proportion of Technigom in this blend varies in relation to the properties sought for the articles manufactured.

Products replaced: Technigom can partially replace polyamide, polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC.

Technical advantages

  • An abundant, recycled material of French origin.
  • Good compatibility with the most common thermoplastics (PA, PP, PE…).
  • Compatible with traditional extrusion, moulding and rotomoulding processes.

Economic advantages

  • Technigom is up to 5 times cheaper than the products it replaces.
  • Stability in the prices.
  • Regular production and guaranteed supplies.

Health and environmental safety:

  • A raw material in conformity with the European REACH legislation on chemical substances.
  • Guaranteed manufacture in accordance with the Health and Environmental Safety rules in force.
  • Technigom makes it possible to decrease the amount of virgin plastic manufactured from petroleum products.

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