Technigom’s elastic properties make it a particularly interesting material for the manufacture of playgrounds, floor tiles and flexible sports surfaces.

These elements make possible greater shock absorption, and thus guarantee children’s safety. Technigom is used as the underlay and is covered with a film of coloured granulate for the fun, aesthetic aspect.

Products replaced: EPDM granulate, polyurethane

Technical advantages

  • Shock-absorbing properties to cushion children’s falls.
  • Cleanliness of the playground in comparison with the sand used usually.
  • Sustainability: the shock-absorbing qualities remain stable for at least 10 years.

Economic advantages

  • Technigom is 75% cheaper than the rubber beads produced specifically for this use from petroleum products.
  • It is quick and easy to install.

Health and environmental safety:

  • This surface is in conformity with European standard EN 1177 on playground surfacing, which imposes surfaces that are capable of cushioning children’s falls.
  • All the components (binding agents, coloured granulate) are in conformity with the European REACH legislation, which is very strict with regard to chemical substances.
  • The manufacturing process is in conformity with the Health and Environmental Safety regulations in force.

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