Equestrian floors


Technigom makes it possible to provide horses and riders with unequalled comfort, with an innovative floor surface for schools, adapted as much to the constraints of frequent use by learners and the requirements of equestrian sports and training.

These floors are composed of a sole of Technigom granulate bound with resin, covered with a layer of loose Technigom granulate. It combines the qualities of shock absorption, flexibility and elasticity, giving good impetus to horses and attenuating any falls.

Product replaced: sand.

Technical advantages

  • Easy to implement.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Performances of the horses are unchanged.

Economic advantages

  • Sustainable solution.
  • Little watering required: significant savings in water consumption.
  • Significant decrease in wear to horseshoes (less frequent changes)

Health and environmental safety:

  • Better shock-absorption should riders fall.
  • Reassuring for the parents of children learning to ride.
  • A floor that is more flexible for horses.
  • Decreased dust emissions (95% less than schools that use sand).

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