Asphalt rubber


Incorporating Technigom rubber into asphalt surfaces makes it possible to improve their acoustic characteristics, and their resistance to cracking from the effects of freezing-thawing. Similarly, it improves vehicle adherence. In France, this application has been developed little, whereas it has received encouragement from the public authorities in the USA, Italy and Spain. Aliapur hopes that there will soon be rapid development of this solution.

Products replaced: SBS.

Technical advantages

  • Compatible with current equipment for installing bitumen.
  • Easy to store and handle.
  • Performances identical to those of the other solutions.

Economic advantages

  • Cheaper than solutions based on polymers, no seasonal variations in the price.
  • An abundant, cheap and local raw material.
  • Regular production and guaranteed supplies.
  • High life expectancy with no deterioration.

Health and environmental safety:

  • No impact on the environment.
  • Technigom does not pollute the heat released by the installation of the bitumen.
  • As noise is a major pollutant for populations, this use thus makes it possible to use the high-performance properties of Technigom to improve the comfort of local residents.

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