Collections of tyres from car industry professionals are continuing as normal

11 mai 2020-

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From 17 March to 7 May, Aliapur and the 27 collection service providers organised themselves to maintain minimum collection services for end-of-life tyres in all the administrative départements in mainland France.

Since 11 May, all the service providers are once again fully operational and capable of collecting your tyres, while respecting the current rules for health and safety, and social distancing. Digital collection vouchers are generated without contact, in your presence, once your bulk tyres have been loaded or your full skip replaced with an empty one.

The Aliabase information system that you are used to using is perfectly functional: this is where you should make your collection request and where you can communicate with your collection company. All the Aliapur teams can also be contacted.

The e-mail will still be operational for a few days, but should only be used in case of major difficulty.

We hope that you come out of lockdown cautiously and that your activities bounce back fully. Stay safe and healthy!